Today's guest speaker was Grant Linney a retired teacher with strong interest in his topic of Climate Change. The title of Grant’s talk, “The World is Watching: Why Canada Needs to Make Climate Change a Top Election Issue” tells you about one of the main messages he concluded with: Act now and vote (wisely) on October 19. Through his presentation Grant guided us to better understand the damage done by burning fossil fuels, resulting in a world that is heating up and causing multiple negative impacts on life/humans. He challenged us to consider that we need a second Industrial Revolution to focus us on solar and wind energy. He noted that Germany (solar) and Norway (wind) were being quite successful in transitioning away from fossil fuels. What kind of legacy do we want to leave our children and grand-children? We can no longer “pass the buck” and “download” to the next generation Grant noted as we are running out of time. These few pictures capture some of the key points he spoke about. The audience was very quiet during this talk. You could tell he had hit on a topic of concern to us all.