Our club is soon going to be known for its “comings and goings”!!  We welcomed back Sergeant at Arms, Ernie, from his cottage and travels in California.  Shirley returned from her Caribbean cruise and a well deserved rest and Ross is home from his final summer at his cottage, having decided it was time to sell.  Ken is home from his holiday in Spain and France which included rock concerts and opera and Art enjoyed NYC, including an outdoor Metropolitan Opera concert in Times Square.      But we also said farewell to Bob Morrow, leaving tomorrow for 5 weeks in England to celebrate his 50th Anniversary(with Lynne) and Barb, who leaves next week for 6 weeks at her Florida home.
As well as from all of the above, happy dollars were given by Dave C. for all the work Ken did to see the completion of our EcoPark project, by Bruce for his summer at the cottage and the celebration of his 37th Anniversary (with Claire), by Bill who bumped into Kevin Beagle who gave him a donation to pass on to the Abel family and by Carlotta who sadly told us of Marie Louise’s fall yesterday which resulted in broken wrists – we wish her a speedy recovery.
Reminders:   Paul Harris Dinner is November 24th  - save the date
                       Sign up for the Ronald McDonald House dinners
                       Routes Scrap Metal Drive is October 17.
                       Happy Thanksgiving!
Our guest speaker, John Henley, was introduced by Ralph.  
The meeting ended with our thoughts and prayers for Peter and Sandra Dendekker.