The speaker on July 18th was Grant Linney who was introduced by Dave Carson. Grant was an outdoor educator at Upper Canada College and spoke to us about climate change. Grant has his own web page on the Climate Reality Project page.  It contains numerous resources for those interested in climate change (all of us?) and how to reduce our carbon foot print. We were also given a brochure on climate change that was prepared by Environment Hamilton . In his presentation, Grant talked about the new documentary by Al Gore: “An Inconvenient Sequel” which is a follow-up to the original “An Inconvenient Truth”. Here is the trailer that Grant showed:

Grant also spoke about the importance of science. Here is a brief video that he showed by Neil deGrasse Tyson, one of America’s great scientists: 

The final topic that Grant discussed was the “greenhouse effect” which is created by (among other things) man-made carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. This leads to global warming and the many problems associated with it. Some countries, like Germany and Denmark are reducing their reliance on fossil fuels by, for example, increasing wind power generation. China is leading the world in solar power. His advice regarding fossil fuels? “keep it in the ground.