Our STamp Out Polio club hosted W. Nefer LePard, a polio survivor. Nefer was born in Munich, Bavaria, in 1950 and contracted polio in her nursery school as a two-year-old. Her parents came to Canada in 1955 because her mother, a nurse, felt that she could get better health care for Nefer in Canada. In 1962, Nefer had experimental polio surgery at Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto. At age 52, Nefer was diagnosed with Post Polio Syndrome.
Nefer expressed her gratitude to the STamp Out Polio and Dundas Valley Sunrise Rotary Clubs for their good works to eradicate polio from the face of the Earth so that no other child (or adult) suffers from the effects of the poliomyelitis virus.
Remember: “If polio exists anywhere, it threatens children (and ultimately adults) everywhere!”