Bev Greenwood, a chaplain at St. Joseph’s Villa for over 20 years, and a lead staff on their Ethics Committee, started her presentation by suggesting a new verse in the Bible. Given that she had to now give her talk without her PowerPoint due to technical incompatibilities, she offered a new Beatitude: Blessed are the flexible because they do not get bent out of shape. And then she carried on with ease.

Outlining Ethics as a moral philosophy, a code of conduct and a standard of human behaviour, Bev pointed out that we are surrounded by ethical issues all the time. Each of us given our moral compass, cultural background and personal values may have a different approach to resolving an ethical dilemma. 

Bev presented several scenarios that various professionals might face and asked us rhetorically how we would handle them. Bev emphasized that each profession has guiding principles by which they might assess an ethical issue, underlining The Four-Way Test for our work in Rotary. 

Our President, Shirley Molloy, who has known Bev Greenwood for some time, thanked her for her work in the community and her insightful presentation here.