On Tuesday, Sept 6 we were visited by District Governor Marlee Diehl. Marlee asked us to look at ourselves, ask who are we and what are our goals as Rotarians. As Rotarians we have the ability to change destiny! She asked us to think outside the box when it comes to new members and suggested starting a spark by trying a Satellite Club evening.
This year marks the 100th Anniversary of Rotary and Marlee encouraged us to come up with a Centennial fund raiser. She also stated that Rotary is ranked #5 in the top 10 foundations.   
Marlee spoke about our battle against Polio. Noting that we are almost there! Last year there were just 3 cases in Afghanistan, 16 in Pakistan and 2 cases in Nigeria. With a final push we can see polio a thing of the past!
Lastly Marlee spoke about the International Conference in Batavia. Details include a Friday night Tailgate Party, Haunted tour and Wine tasting. Saturday is all about Rotary with seminars, and a  bike-a-thon. We will also be assembling 50,000 dry meal packages to donate to the community and local food banks.
At the end of Marlee's presentation Club President Ross Banatyne and Past President Shirley Molley presented he with a check to the Rotary Foundation for $5000.00.