The club holds an auction within its membership and invited guests each December for St. Matthew's House. Of course the auctions happen in person during the breakfast meeting. Well, not during COVID-19 times!

We risked using a new format, Zoom, and we were rewarded; and, we were able to demonstrate once again to ourselves and others that we care, about Dundas (where many of us purchased auction items in support of local businesses and about those in the community who are vulnerable. Barb Busing and her team did a fantastic job of organizing -- and without her, Norm and Jody the mechanics of listing, recording and collecting would not happen.  And of course our auctioneer, Bruce Eccles pictured above, was once again, awesome.

We raised the most money ever in the history of this event – over $9000.

Renee Wetselaar the executive director of St. Matthew's House and David Savage the board chair who both attended were very grateful and thanked us heartily. The generosity of DVSRC was a Christmas gift to so many.