Today’s annual auction for St. Matthew's House brought in a full house of over 30 members and guests. Our long list of guests included Colin Reid, Norman Read, Linda Ingraudo, Fred Amalfi, Carole Beel, Lynne Morrow, Helen Massey, Marilynn Armstrong, Sue Carson, Steve Leighfield and Jim and Sheila Sweetman. Everyone was greeted by Bob Morrow and signed in by Jessica Brennan.
Shortly after breakfast Dundas’ own champion auctioneer Bruce Eccles kicked off the proceedings with the support of his own “Barker’s Beauties” Jessica Brennan and Roger Stewart. Dave Carson got the bidding underway with a $60 bid on two bottles of red wine and a box of 6 – 8 unbroken wineglasses which was shortly followed by the super bowl beer and pretzel package.
The high bidder of the day award went to Norm Read with a $350 bid on an original Fred Amalfi painting ( with a $270 bid on the antique box picnic package filled with fine wine, brandy and beer.
The auction was closed off with remarks from Steve Leighfield who thanked the club for its on-going support of St. Matthew’s House. Many thanks to Rotary members and past members who donated a wide range of exciting prizes to bid on…and special thanks to Bruce for a fantastic job as auctioneer.
To wrap up the morning Shirley Molloy presented Carlotta Cisneros-Knox with a pin of thanks for bringing William Knox as a new member to the club.