In Long Point, a former Dundas resident, John Everett … and his wife, Jan, have come to the rescue for MANY turtles as they migrate across busy roads. To promote interest in their work, Jan has written a book about saving the turtles on the busy causeway in Long Point. The book has been a huge success, selling nearly 5000 copies. Proceeds from the book go towards maintaining tunnels and fencing in the Long Point Biosphere. 
Chantal, a grade 4 teacher noted that “The talk drew attention to important local efforts and gave students the information needed to act locally and globally by understanding the importance of conservation efforts in their own backyard. Jan and John are informative and connect with students, they are engaging and spark curiosity. Students were excited about being able to help with small actions that make a big difference for animals.”  
One of her students responded with “I love turtles and I want to help them.  Now I feel inspired to do so and this is going to be a passion for me”.
John and Jan have a nice presentation which they have given to service clubs, schools and youth groups.
Also present were two members of the Dundas Turtle Watch; they also enjoyed the presentation and will now try and mirror some of the Initiatives of Jan and John in our own area.