Posted by Ralph Montesanto on Nov 19, 2019
Sara Bird is the program consultant children youth & family ministry for the Anglican Diocese of Niagara. Sara walked us through her early life as a PK -priest's kid, through her Highland dance career, her managerial jobs at Boston Pizza and Roots clothing to her undergraduate work in Sociology. She started as a volunteer at HARRRP, got hired, became a program director to run after school programs for grade 6 to 8 youth. She is now working for the diocese and has 50 staff and volunteers that service 500 youth. 
She told us youth are more educated, diverse, connected and engaged than ever before. However, they take longer to transition to adulthood, live at home longer, carry heavy school debt, marry later, have fewer children and are a click away from just about anything.
Mental health issues are common with youth and young adults. Gender inclusion is not an issue for them. 
She closed by saying she finds the interests of youth and develops programs for that interest.