Harold Gruneberg thanks everyone who donated to his District 7090 Ride For Polio which was held on World Polio Day, October 24. All donations went directly to the Rotary Foundation Polio Fund. With matching grants and other donations, Governor Frank Adamson estimates that District 7090 raised about $500,000 US for polio eradication.

Harold was part of Governor Frank's team “Pedal for Polio Plus”. The ride originally was planned to be from the Peace Bridge in Niagara Falls to Niagara-on-the-Lake which would have been about 90 km. The American ride was planned to do about 70 miles, which together translated symbolically to 7090.
Due to recent Covid 19 restriction, the ride was shortened on the Canadian side to Queenston Heights Monument and return which as about 22 km. There was a 10:30 AM group start with about 30 riders and a 11:00 AM start with about 15 riders. Both groups had refreshments and brief speeches from local politicians at the Brock Monument. It ended up being a great day and everyone enjoyed the ride. Next year to Niagara-on-the-Lake and maybe stops at some wineries.