Sammy Malaki is the President of the Rotary Club of Nairobi Madaraka.  The Rotary Club of Dundas Valley Sunrise is planning a literacy project with Sammy's club. Sammy introduced his team: Past President Njoki Maingi, VP Wanja Muguongo, PE Wilson Kamau, Project Director Joel Mwangi, and Treasurer Keshi Mukuria. 
The project will provide capital for the building and stocking of libraries in economically challenged areas near Nairobi. Where no electricity exists, it will add lighting and a gathering place. The project may also include bringing Kenyan teachers to Canada for exchange and passing on our best practises. On the Zoom Meeting was 5 years of RCNM leadership- which will cover off our project’s timelines.

Njoki discussed that theirs was a young club with many Rotaractors. It was chartered June 1, 2012 which symbolically is the day of Kenyan independence. It has 30 members. It is gender balanced with high energy and good friendships. 

Sammy discussed the club’s area of focus is education and water/sanitation and hygiene. They did a previous Global Grant successfully with a Rotary Club in Colorado ($52K USD) to provide wash stations. They are now turning to their other mandate – education.
Joel provided some history. They increased their education focus and began distributing books to schools. They were approached to help develop libraries. They augmented building structures in low- income schools with desks, chairs, shelving, and books- creating a library. Hand wash stations were also added. 
Sammy explained there has been a curriculum change so new books were required. He also noted private schools have an advantage over public but that all children deserve an education.