On August 2, 2016 the Dundas Rotary Sunrise Club received a presentation from Russ King, President of AED4LIFE and BERRN Consulting. Russ was introduced by Rotarian, and Russ' Father-in-Law, Robert Morrow.

Russ’s business is Automated External Defibrillators.  Russ is also Deputy Chief of EMS for Brant County.
Over the past few years his business has grown to 6 employees and a warehouse. He distributes AED’s across the country, where they are housed at recreational facilities, businesses, churches, anywhere where they can save lives. He noted to date there have been 147 lives saved by AED’s.

Russ explained the difference between a heart attack and cardiac arrest. And noted AED’s are for cardiac arrests, because this is where the heart stops beating. They are designed to get your heart beating. The Club got a demonstration on how AED’s work. A very simple device to operate, as the kit  comes with everything required including audio instructions, beats for CPR repetitions, scissors in case a shirt needs to be cut off, razor to shave so tabs can stick, as I said a really easy device to use. The cover of the kit is even used to put under the head to tilt it back. He also explained how to use this device in the event the patient has a pacemaker.

Guess what? There’s an app for that. Pulse Point is an app that tells you where the nearest AED is located in the event of  cardiac arrest.
  • Important to note that rate of success when using  CPR is 2-5%, when using AED’s it’s 75-80%.
  • Point of interest: Dundas Arena has saved three lives using their AED!
  • Pearson Airport has 146 AED’s – Doctors’ offices are not equipped with AED’s?
  • Russ also noted that they haven’t really marketed themselves at this point and  are currently working to have Eppy Pens put in AED kits for those with severe allergies.
Scott Vance thanked Russ for his very important, interesting and informative talk.
Next week is a club assembly where we will discuss membership.