Peter, as a newer member, introduced himself to our club. While we've been pleased to have him around regularly for the past while, it was great to get to know him better.

Peter's parents immigrated from Holland in the 50s. He and his family are active members of the Dutch Reformed community and Peter talked about the experiences of being part of a relatively new immigrant group in Canada. For example, he said that he and his community are now becoming more engaged with the community at large, which he is pleased to be part of. He is active on the board of his children's school. Peter and his wife have 4 children, ages 6 through 15. 

Peter's dad bought the company he worked at. While Peter was at Queen's, his dad became ill and Peter decided to come home and help with the family business and has been there ever since. Though it is hard work, he loves the opportunity to work with his family (4 sisters, a brother, and his dad). Their company manufactures commercial windows, for example, for hospitals and schools. They are located on Head Street and employ 65 people.

Peter reminded us about being thankful for what he have and about giving back to the communities we are part of.