John Henley return this week to present “My Life in the Movies Part 2”. He showed a 90 second trailer featuring him in “Arthur Moore and The Lone Wolf” which he explained was a Sheridan College Project filmed in the Rockwood Conservation Area. He then treated us to a display of magic featuring a rope trick.
Back to the film industry he remarked seeing the Support Group parked currently at St Mark’s United Church and the important role it plays in the Film Industry. He proceeded to show us a Call Sheet that details all of the activities for the day as well as the participants. Those involved often start their day at 5:30 am wrapping up some 13 hours later. This can go on for two weeks at a time.
John took us through his journey of more than a dozen of his favourites over some 80 appearances.
“The Lonely” was his most recent film shoot receiving an award at The Chinese Film Festival. He was also involved in a narration film earlier this year.
Lastly was a description of cutouts and dolls used as stand ins for actors. John quipped that a studio used the faces of some actors on these and subsequently had to pay the actors for the privilege.