Mike Palme was a scientific glass blower for McMaster University. This job required attention to detail and specificity. Unlike artistic glassblowing, the scientific glassblower is creating instruments that will be used in a number of departments,  Some of these objects were quite small, others not. It was an exacting profession. Changes within the university led to Mike’s retirement from McMaster in 2014. And while this turned out to be a good move, it was initially a bit challenging. After 30 years of one job, what would be next?

Mike is happy to say that his switch to the financial services industry has given him great pleasure and satisfaction. In 2015, he applied for a position with Freedom 55 and was immediately part of a training programme that led to LLQP (life) and CIFC (mutual) licensing. After becoming a certified Financial Security Advisor, Mike took a position with Nelson Melo and Associates Co-operators in Dundas.

Co-operators is multiline insurance and financial services corporation with over 56.4 billion dollars in assets. It services over 200 Credit Unions, insures close to 900,000 homes, 1.5 million vehicles, 41,000 farms and 265,000 businesses in addition to nearly 700,000 individuals and over 200,000 employees through group benefits. More than a life insurance corporation, Co-operators also sells mutual fund investments. Their products include investments for LIRA, RESP, RRSP, RRIF, TFSA’s and non-registered investments (segregated funds) in addition to permanent and term life insurance.

Mike takes pleasure and pride in his work. He sees himself as a resource person who is especially helpful and important to new (often young) investors. He can help educate them and secure them a healthy financial future.
From scientific glassblower to financial advisor is a big transition but Mike accomplished a major life change because he was determined and steadfast. He is happier and healthier now too!
Perhaps there is a small commonality between Mike’s two careers. In each occupation, he performed a necessary and supporting role which ensured someone else’s success. Dependable, consistent, hardworking – Mike Palme.