We welcomed David Bakker, Dr. Hugh Boyd, Jennifer Banks and Mieke Ewen from St. Joseph's Villa, and Danya Scime guest of Bill Armstrong. Happy Birthday today to David Mattchett and Happy Anniversary to David and Sue later this week. Wayne talked about a flier he received from an orphanage in Mexico that is expanding; Danya is grandmother to her 3rd granddaughter and suggested we watch Cable 14 to hear the various candidates running for town councillor; Vlad is back from several months in Croatia and raided his granddaughter's piggy bank to pay his Happy Dollar; and, President Bob thanked all the volunteers who made Art in the Park run smoothly on Sunday. He also offered special thanks to whomever had the rain go away so that the crowd of over 900 would show up.

Art reminded everyone to get the TiCat Tail Gate tickets sold and turn in the money to him. We are all in section 213 on October 4 and the ticket is for the tail gate party, the bus and the game. Shirley asked for volunteers for the food drive on October 4 and suggested that since many members will be busy that day at the tail gate party they could go to the food bank on Friday afternoon October 3 to help get the boxes ready.

President Bob then called all members to form a circle for the inductions of David Bakker, Dr. Hugh Boyd and Jennifer Banks.



Following the inductions there was a club assembly where each director outlined progress in his or her area of responsibility.