Jessica welcomed our newest member David Bakker and our soon to be inducted guests Steve Roblin and Mieke Ewen. Our Sergeant-At-Arms Bruce returned from California where he developed a taste for California wines. Today he celebrated that infamous day four years ago when he had his motorcycle accident. Next week he gets another new knee, that being his fifth operation in four years. Shirley thanked those who helped out with the food drive and promoted the 3rd Annual Hope in the City Breakfast on November 13 where Rex Murphy is the speaker and Susan Clairmont is the EmCee. Tickets are $50 each.

Carl had a stay in the hospital because of a racing heart. When he woke up the doctor had cauterized 5 extra nerves in his heart and now, no more racing heart! David Mattchett won the Trevor Garwood Jones Golf Tournament and Alycia and Matt purchased a new house.

Art congratulated everyone for their efforts with the Ti-Cat Tail Gate Party. Our club sold 210 tickets - all at $50 each. He also promoted the Routes Scrap Metal Drive on October 18 and the All You Can Eat Wings on October 25.

Dave Carson reminded everyone of the work days on October 18 and 25 for the Eco Park. Be there for 9:00 AM. Small tree planting on the 18th and path construction on the 25th. Bring a rake that day.

After the induction of Steve and Mieke President Bob lead a discussion on the golf course site. Pros and cons were discussed and a motion will go out to club members by email in the near future. After discussion on a previous issue of setting up an emergency fund for surprise expenses the members passed a motion that $2000 be set aside from the gross budget before each area of service receive its percentage.