Today 24 of our members welcomed three guests: Marie-Louise’s husband, David Kelday; and, our guest speaker, Randal Eastman with his father, Bob Eastman. Everyone was greeted by Don Davidson and signed in by Mieke Ewen who pitched in at the last moment. Ernie Romain was Sergeant-at-Arms. The meeting recorder was Jessica Brennan.
Happy Dollars: Ernie gave Un-Happy dollars, listing all the Toronto teams that had lost over the week-end. Paul would be happy when the jacket he left at Art in the Park is located and returned to him. Our guest speaker, Randall, was happy to be at his first Rotary meeting ever in southern Ontario. Shirley was happy that she had been at the Rotary conference in Ellicottville, NY and to have been able to participate in the inter-faith service that recognized recently departed Rotarians, especially noting our very own David Lowery. Ralph was also happy that he had been to the conference, noting the workshops that were focused on personal development. Ross and Mary also attended the conference.
Marie-Louise was happy to be here, especially after breaking both her wrists. Her husband, David, was both her “right and left-hand man” helping her navigate eating her breakfast.
Joe was happy to be a Rotarian at our club because it is the only way he would know what the world looks like at 7 a.m. Dave was happy for the sunny days. 
Announcements: Ross reminded people about Meals that Heal opportunities at the Ronald McDonald House. A sign-up sheet was sent around. Others are to email their availability directly to Ross. 

Wayne Massey introduced our guest speaker, Randal Eastman, the Rotary International Special Representative to China. Originally from Dundas and currently a resident of Shanghai, China, Randal gave us an update on Rotary in China and specifics about the Korean Soccer balls project which our club had been involved in. 
After the meeting Derek Price and Randal chatted about China.