Posted by Jody Beck on Oct 27, 2019
The Oct 22 2019 meeting was vocational services at Dundas Arena. Thanks to director of vocational service Derek Price for arranging the location and bringing in the breakfast. Also, thank you to Ken Beel for supplying the dishes and cups to reduce trash.
Guest of the club, Liz Whitton was invited by Gina; and Bob who is a friend of Carl.
The purpose of today's vocational service meeting was to get a tour of the remodelled addition to the arena and to see the community room in case our club is interested in helping to finish it.

Announcements – St James Dundas House Tour is Dec 7. Kathy Starodub – Rotary Stars reminder – we need wine, bring next week. Over $8,500 in sponsorships so far. If you have tickets to sell, please do so and bring money October 29. If you have no tickets p[lease consider getting them and invite your friends to attend.
Happy Dollars
Palermo Opera was a good visit
Grant – Good dinner at DVGCC – Social members give it a try
Phil Wood - McMaster Live Lab was a good place to hear music
Jan Southall – Amazing trip to Belgium, Austria and Amsterdam
Bob Morrow – This house move will be his last – too much work!

Grant – Thanks to Carl and Derek for putting Arena tour together; the Paul Harris Dinner was a great success. Dec 10 – Christmas Auction for St Matthews House – bring donations or cash or debit card
Ryan Turner – Routes Dinner $25 Friday.  - tickets still available
Tour – opening remarks by Ken Beel – history of Arena and how renovation happened and was taken over by City
Change rooms reflect the future – modern, more of them, some accessible, same sex rooms to accommodate mixed gender teams
Kitchen – available for Rent
Community Room – still being finished – can be rented for events
Track for running / walking is up and running.
Tour led by Joe Kennedy – everything looks refreshed and clean.