Ross Bannatyne was the Recorder, Glen Mumberson the Greeter, Wayne Massey on the Desk and Ernie Romain the Sergeant-At-Arms. There were 24 members in attendance this morning plus three guests namely David Kelday (Marie-Louise's personal feeder), Barbara Montesanto (way too early for her) & our speaker Michelle Tew.

Happy Dollars: Ernie was celebrating the Leaf’s victory; Hugh announced that Dr. K. Shankardass received a Physician of the Year Award;
Steve Roblin was happy that he saw Steve Palmer on Halloween & had coffee with former member Alycia who promised to pay us a visit;
Ralph announced a fundraiser for Refuge Hamilton Centre for Newcomer Health taking place on Nov 19th. Tickets are $30.00 so contact Ralph if you need some; Shirley paid a fine because she had to leave early; Phil  enjoyed his bacon despite the advice of the World Health Organization; Paul commented on Dr. Shankardass’s award & the fact that he saw former member Rob Brown yesterday. Paul is still looking for his jacket; Mieke was happy to announce that her cousin delivered her first baby Brittany Jordan
Shirley announced the Memorial Service for David Lowery & other Rotarians which took place at the District Conference. Members were invited to sign the card which will be delivered along with a candle from the service to David’s wife.
Members were reminded about Meals that Heal & the sign up sheet was circulated. We need three more volunteers - one to cover Sunday, Nov 29th & two for Sunday December 6th. Please contact Ross to indicate your interest
Michelle Tew was introduced and thanked by Ralph Montesanto. Michelle, an Occupational Health Nurse, spoke on Global Eye Health Needs Right Around the Corner ie The Case of Ontario Migrant Farm Workers.