Mieke Ewen - recorder, Harold Grunenberg - greeter, Ken Beel - desk and Ernie Romain - sergeant-at-arms. Guests: Catherine Bridgman, Lynne Morrow, Grace Correia
Attendance: 27
Happy Dollars 
Ernie told of his ‘happy and sad story of the morning’ - celebrating his contribution during the Centennial year with his oldest daughter’s 49th birthday (as per Ernie – conceived on Valentines Day), however sharing the disappointment of loses by the Argos, his Alma Matter Western, Maple Leafs (not a surprise there), and the Raptors. Phil Wood was celebrating the 4th year anniversary of his ‘new’ knee that is still feeling great! Joe Guedes had a successful city inspection for his ‘never ending renovation’.
Steve Roblin has returned from golf adventure in Jacksonville with no sleep for 6 days – and wondering if it may be his last adventure as he announced his family is happily expecting their third child!! Bill Armstrong thanked Dave Carson for his enjoyable Spectator editorials and Ross B shared the newest possible Rotary fashion and is looking for feedback from members. Shirley is just happy, and reminding all members that next Tuesday is the Paul Harris dinner – therefore no morning meeting. All members and spouses are encouraged to attend this special annual event. Ralph apparently even dreams of Rotary, as he is sending his emails to Ernie at 5:20 in the morning. Bob Morrow brought his lovely wife Lynne to accompany him this morning, after returning from a great time on 5 week river and ocean cruises. Vlad was pleased to share news of a new grandchild, born last Friday. Jessica paid her penalty of forgetting to put name tag away after giving Grant the same lecture; and, Jan shared that the St. James Holiday House Tour has 5 homes and is occurring the first Saturday in December……see Jan for more details!
1. Shirley – received an invitation from the Dundas Civitan Club – November 28th 6:30 pm at Golf Club. More details to follow from Shirley.
2. Dave Carson – Grace visited from Conservations Authority/Eco Park – Conservation Authority was looking for someone to take lead on a Trillium Grant for a viewing platform near the industrial canal, looking for non profit club to put their name on it. They will prepare the application and the money will go to the Conservation Authority. Board okay with this – ensuring the whole club was as well. Motion made by Dave, seconded by Paul. All in favour vote. 
3. Motion forward for Community Services donations – Motion by Mieke Ewen, Seconded by Bob Morrow. (Routes $1500, Wesley $1000, Community Services $1000, Salvation Army $2000). 
4. Winter Carnival – Ken asked for volunteers for committee for the annual Winter Carnival. Also, sign damaged at the park. City will replace it…..with some changes – city will give us money to do this. Carnival generally set for the Saturday of Family Day weekend