We welcomed Claudia Canestrelli, Rotary Youth Exchange student from Italy, sponsored by the Hamilton Rotary Club and finishing her last two months at the home of Ralph and Barb Montesanto. As well, Joan Ballantyne was here to introduce our guest speaker, her father Ron.
Sergeant-at-Arms Bruce was back from Florida where he learned not to talk politics especially if surrounded by republicans. Barbara is off to Florida to keep the balance in tact. There were plenty of happy dollars this morning. Ernie spent a week in Phoenix where he golfed surrounded by rattlesnakes, cougars, coyotes and swarming bees. Bob Morrow thanked those who contributed to soccer balls for China and recalled his Kenya experience on the golf course where the local rule was a free lift if ball closer than 3 feet from a cobra. Paul Clifford was happy to meet past Rotarian Rob Brown in town. And, two retirements were announced: Wayne Massey sold his business and David Mattchett will golf his way into retirement while in Ireland.
Joe returned from 6 months away with most time spent in Arizona in his RV He thanked the bulletin editors for continuing to keep him in contact with the club while he and Anne were away. Glen is once again a great grandfather as he celebrated the birth of a great granddaughter. Part of his celebration was to remind us to bring in wine for the lobster rib fest. Also, bring money for your tickets to next week's meeting.
David Carson has officially opened the community garden and thanked the boy scouts for their assistance. Ken attended many Rotary club meetings while in Florida and was looked on poorly when he informed one club that the Pledge of Allegiance was written by a socialist. Nice going Ken! And Ralph was treated to the vibrant singing of Happy Birthday when he announced that this morning was the big day.
There were three announcements: Ralph asked for volunteers for this Saturday's Shredding Day and received a full complement; Bill distributed silent auction forms for the lobster rib fest and continues to look for donations; and, Jan distributed another three Rotary Foundation stickers to those who made recent contributions.
Joan then introduced her father Ron who graduated as a naval architect in Glasgow Scotland. Ron spoke about developing a new hovercraft back in the 60s.