Along with 24 of our members, we had two visitors: Art McCabe, from The Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum; and Bob Knuckle, our Guest Speaker, from the Dundas Little Theatre.
Shirley Molloy was the Greeter and Don Davidson took attendance. The meeting recorder was Jessica Brennan. Ernie Romain was Sergeant-at-Arms.

Tracking our snow birds: Bruce is back and Barb is heading out. Happy Dollars: As usual Ernie started off the Happy Dollars, this time giving us grim details of a recent root canal. He was however pleased to see our Guest Speaker Bob Knuckle and recounted a story of four errant students who were pleased to be at Ernie’s school after having been disciplined by Bob. 

Bob M. reminded us of the opportunity of donating at least $30 to the Foundation to choose one of his prints.
Art wondered why Ernie hadn’t started his Happy Dollars as he usually does with a story about the Maple Leafs, especially given that for the first time in decades the team was granted the number one pick in the hockey lottery. Dave pointed out that for those who have lost hope in their team to look to the incredible journey of Leicester City to the Premier League title. 

Carl is happy to be alive. He lost two friends who were good clients last week and was reflecting on the sadness of that. As a special presentation assistant governor Bob Morrow honoured Carl with his next level of Rotary Foundation support, presenting him with a ruby Paul Harris pin. 
After several months in Florida, Bruce was pleased to be home and given the political tone in the United States wanted very much to declare God Bless Canada. Wayne was whining about wine…reminding us to bring in our bottle donations for the Lobsterfest. Barb was pleased that Bruce was back from Florida as she is heading there for three weeks.
Ralph reported on a fox barking in his street early in the morning, perhaps announcing Ralph’s birthday this Thursday. Ralph was also happy about the recent Shredding Project which collected 8000 lbs in paper and raised $3000. Jessica was happy that the Raptors had made it to the 2nd round of the NBA playoffs even though they seem to give us heartaches in 4th quarters. 
Art McCabe from the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum thanked our club for the contribution we made to their recent project that allowed students to visit the Museum.
Announcements: We were reminded to sign up for volunteer duty at Lobsterfest and Fireworks.