This morning Vlad was the greeter and Harold collected at the desk.  Dr. Shankardass from the noon club was a visiting Rotarian.
Sergeant-At-Arms Ernie continued to challenge the members with weekly sports and music trivia; he continued to be impressed with how much we know, especially Art and Bob.
Couldn’t tell if Ernie was happy; he had a pipe burst at his cottage, which sounds not great; but he is getting a new kitchen, which does sound great!
Joe was looking forward to a trip with Anne to Indiana in their RV. He also has an upcoming 70th birthday, and made a Rotary International donation to commemorate this. He also encouraged us all to donate to this worthwhile charity.
Bruce was advertising this morning: he has Stag and Doe tickets for his daughter and her fiancé. He also was selling his dad's minivan, which he says his dad is annoyed about!
Jessica and Shirley are Raptors fans who are looking forward to the game in Cleveland tonight. Go Raptors!
Jessica has done Club Admin for 3 years and has 6 more weeks left. She feels the post is in good hands with the like of Harold, who kept track of her this morning so that all fees were paid.
Incoming president Ross announced that help is needed this weekend in the Rotary garden; there is weeding and clean up to do. He also announced an event Thursday June 23 for both Dundas Rotary clubs at SHED Brewing.
Phil was celebrating several things: his 44th anniversary is on Friday, he is getting a teaching award in engineering tomorrow, and he has a press conference today to introduce the new/old Marauders football coach.
George reminded us all that volunteers are needed for this weekend’s fireworks as well as Lobsterfest on May 28.
Ralph had taken planters on behalf of the club to members who have experienced losses this year, and read their thank you messages to us.
The remainder of the meeting was a club assembly. President Shirley thanked us all for a smooth year. She reminded that our membership goal is off by one as we have gained 3 but lost 1 member; we are encouraged to think of potential members we might invite. Treasurer Ken reported on our finances and our budget; we are in good shape.
A motion was made and carried for the club to contribute $2500 to Fort McMurray disaster relief through the Canadian Red Cross. We all were encouraged to donate individually as well, as donations are matched by the Red Cross.
Mieke reported for Steve (who is at home awaiting an overdue family arrival) about youth services: We are sponsoring a 17 year old male exchange student from France. He is arriving in August, and we are looking for host families.
Mieke reported regarding community service: all donations either completed or underway. She presented a cheque for Ellen Osler Home this morning, which Shirley accepted on their behalf.
Bob reported on international service: An example of one of our projects this year was shipping containers of children's books to Antigua. We also continue to accrue funds for a bigger, furture project.
Ralph reported regarding membership: He encouraged us to look for new members using classifications as a cue. He also reported on PR: He has appreciated the meeting recorder's efforts for First Light, and he sends releases to the Dundas Star.
Jessica deferred a club admin report related to concerns about time.
Shirley reported regarding vocational services: We are continuing vocational meetings quarterly, a recent example being our meeting at St. Joe’s Villa.
Fireworks this weekend: Jan is looking for collections volunteers; please be in touch if you can come out or if you have any leads on volunteers. Please sign in with Derek or in the Zamboni room on the day of; there will be specialty coffee for volunteers at the end of the evening. Bill is overseeing security. There will be food vendors and 25 min of fireworks.
There is a board meeting tonight at Bob's.