Today we welcomed 2 guests: Marilyn Armstrong (wife of Bill) and Carlotta Cisnero. And we had a special treat:  an Acting, for the Acting, Sergeant at Arms, Ernie Romain who stood in for George who was standing in for Bruce. Condolences to George on the recent passing of his aunt.
Lots of Happy Dollars today: First for Dave Carson who was a guest editor in The Spec yesterday writing about carbon taxing. Well done Dave! Wayne noted his personal carbon footprint, to get to his basement office, is much smaller than his wife's, as she is currently golfing (etc.etc.) in Florida. Bob Neibert admitted that he has been in Windsor ON, England, and Chicago recently with 3 different school groups , wrestling, rugby and jazz music respectively , so has not been very diligent about his carbon foot print. You might want to read his email to all of us about a  significant ride that is coming up this Thursday. Jessica admitted that she loves Staples and particularly the Waterdown one which has more bling than the Ancaster one we are told, as well as excellent customer service ( thank you Carlotta!). Needless to say that prompted Grant to contribute a BIG Happy Dollar and for Harold to follow suit as his daughter now works there. Please sign up for Lobsterfest was Harold’s second message. Phil was happy about basketball at Michigan State and Glen finished up noting his  non existant carbon footprint  and reminded us all to bring in a bottle of wine for the Wheel Barrrel draw at the Lobsterfest. All in all Ernie did very well collecting money for bling and carbon and other good laughs this morning. See the picture of him and Harold that almost stole the show !
Announcements included: April 28th is the date of the Paul Harris dinner for which Jan is collecting numbers and $60 pp. We are aiming for Every Rotarian- Every Year donations to the Foundation so again….please see Jan. And one more announcement that we are signing up artists at this time for Art in The Park ( September 13/15) so please have them contact Jan if you know of anyone interested.