Twenty members met at St. Joseph's Villa for this morning's vocational services meeting. Bill was greeter, Scott worked the desk and Ernie was  sergeant at arms.
Scott and Ernie " MacGyered" a basket for Happy Dollars and collected $31. Ernie: happy for a nice weekend, though bad weather followed him to Collingwood where there was flooding. Bob: There is club leadership training May 7 in Niagara that he recommends. There is a carpool for this event. He also promoted his photography show, which is opening April 3 at St. James. Jessica: enjoyed playing music on the weekend with her family band which does not have a name yet; the group liked “brennanunplugged” as a suggestion. Grant: was happy about Easter dinner - his wife's great cooking, having his family together, and most of all, the leftovers. Harold: was skiing last week in Whistler, and explained all is well with his foot (it didn’t get in the way of his skiing!). Dave: due to lost power in the storm, and him turning off his generator, his basement flooded; he was happy that his wife helped him clean up the mess. Shirley: happy for a beautiful morning and that she is visiting St. Joseph’s instead of residing there; Carl: updated us all that Mary-Lou is having surgery today. Don: turned 50 in Paris, France this past week and enjoyed all of the things to see, eat, and drink there. Phil: 38 years ago today, gave his first ever lecture at Michigan State.