Derek Dix joined 23 of our members for our breakfast meeting. Shirley Molloy was the Greeter and Wayne Massey took attendance. The meeting recorder was Jessica Brennan. Ernie Romain was Sergeant-at-Arms. Happy Dollars: Ernie regaled us with colourful stories of his recent trip up north. Scott proudly reported how well his daughters did at a recent dance recital. And how thankful he was that his bike was found after falling off the roof of his car. 
Art enjoyed his recent trip to eastern Canada but found the maps inadequate. He appealed to New Brunswick-born Carl for an explanation. Carl simply replied that he himself didn’t need a map because he knew where he was going.
Mieke’s daughter was also in the dance recital. Her family enjoyed the recent Buskerfest especially as one of her sons busked by hip-hop dancing and doing “the worm”. 
Wayne reported that at the annual Massey Family Golf Tournament held in memory of Wayne’s father went well. Wayne and his son won. 

Dave had a Big Thank You for all those who gave a hand, time, tools and machinery over three days last week to dig the posts and put up the fence around the community garden.  After the meeting Ralph drove past the garden and the children from the day care where planting their garden.
Bruce was pleased that the Stag and Doe for his daughter was fun and successful. Shirley was simply happy to be sitting at the Happy Table.