A beautiful day with a great view of the golf course! SAA Bruce gave a quick review of the events for last month: shredding, fireworks and lobster rib fest. Yes, members were very busy planning the events and volunteering. They were all Saturdays too.
Birthday wishes were given to Paul, Derek and Glen. Glen then gave his happy dollar as a thank you to George and Mieke for working the bar at lobster rib fest. Derek said, "Being here is a happy day not just my birthday", as he surveyed the view of the golf course. Paul quoted a line, "Old men forget", and then proceeded to recall great memories from June 6, 1944. Thirty -two years later he first joined a Rotary club. Art found 3 keys at lobster fest, reminded us that he helped start the event 21 years ago and was no pleased that he could hand off the cooking to Scott Vance. Bill said the silent auction went well and Harold was just happy with the entire event. Joe returned to the building housing the old Valley City Manufacturing, a place where he worked 25 years ago. Now he is renting office space there.
Following happy dollars president Bob led the induction of Carlota into the club.
Following the induction we held a club assembly where each director gave an update. Community service director Bill explained that his entire budget of $13 000 will be spent this year with the last $700 sponsoring a a classroom of students to War Plane Heritage. He has also organized a club visit there for November 3 as part of our Remembrance Day theme. More information on this as we get closer to the day.
International service director Bob outlined the global grant of $2000 to go with the club's $3000 for the Mexican orphanage; and the $2500 that was wired to the Rotary club of Shanghai for soccer balls for North Korean children. He also reminded us that the club continues to set aside $3000 per year for a major international project in 2016-17. Bob also started a Rotary wine fellowship and advertised a motorcycle rally called the Cross Egypt Challenge.
President Bob gave reports for youth services director Alycia, vocational services director Marnee and The Rotary Foundation director Jan. The club sponsored 2 students to SLAPSHOT, 1 to Adventures in Citizenship in Ottawa and 3 to RYLA. June is graduation month and the club has two Ken Turner Awards of $500 each being presented by Bob Morrow. There are 4 grade 8 awards of $50 each and presenters are needed. We had one off site meeting this year with 2 being planned for next year - the new brewery in Dundas and the war plane museum. We were also reminded that each time a classification talk is given this is part of vocational service. Besides our individual giving this year to the Rotary foundation of between $3000 - $4000, the club gives 20% of its budget. This amounted to two cheques, one for $5000 and another for $3000 giving the club a total credit of about $12 000 - $13 000.
Treasurer Ken reported that we had $42 000 in this year's budget and all has been accounted for with a new total of $9000 into contingencies for an international project and $4000 in reserve. The wire transfers to China (2 tries) and Croatia (5 tries) were interesting. Since the club moved to the golf course attendance has improved and the administration account has gone from a deficit of $900 to $2000 on the good side. He did whine a bit, reminding all members to pay their $100 dues for July and January before the end of June and December. Why the whine? Because he got tired of chasing some of us.
Club service director Jessica reminded everyone of the upcoming BBQ on June 23 at Randy Abel's home. More information and directions to follow later. There will be no morning meeting that day.
Public relations and membership director Ralph gave a hand out of the various media coverage the club had the past three months. He also reported that we inducted 7 new members this year and lost 5 giving the club 40 active members at this time. Alycia has put in her resignation as living in Guelph is not conducive to being in a Dundas club.