Following the usual fellowship before breakfast our morning greeter Alycia gave the invocation. We jumped right into happy dollars and there were many. Wayne, who gave a Toronto Leaf's shirt his dad had to his son said the last time the Leafs won a championship was the year he and Helen were married. Harold was happy to empty his pockets of change. Bruce was at his cottage and winter had taken its toll - no water, chimney broken and hydro disconnected. Vlad was just glad to be back. Dave Carson is arranging to go to Spain to see his daughter and granddaughter. Jessica wrote three music exams last year and received her ARCT in voice. Got an award too! Alycia returned from her honeymoon in St. Marteen and is looking forward to getting a new puppy from the east coast. Not sure how those two things relate. Derek's happy dollar was a suggestion to raise breakfast from $14 to $15 so we wouldn't need to keep giving the loonie change.
Randy is promoting a club fellowship event at the Rockton Dinner Theatre for March 21. Cost is $35 a person. Let him know ASAP if you want tickets because they go fast. George reminds all to sell the Rotary Stars tickets and let him know how many you sold so that food and refreshments can be ordered. He said we really need to sell more tickets as the numbers appear down to date. Paul distributed HARRRP notices of its upcoming gala at Liuna Station on February 27. Cocktails, dinner and dancing. He welcomes support of members. Cost is $100 per person.