Recorder: Don Davidson, Greeter: Grant Armstrong, Desk: Bill Armstrong, Sergeant-At-Arms: Ernie Romain
Guest of the club Mike Kehoe and guest speaker Alan Hansell. 

Happy Dollars:
1)    Ernie Romain is heading to Cuba for his first trip to that island nation.
2)    Art Sampson gave Ernie some advice while in Cuba…try to cash the “tourist currency” in for “local currency” as it has bigger purchasing power! Also advised Ernie to meet up with some locals. Art had a wonderful trip to Cuba via GAP. Art says he was able to experience the “real” Cuba instead of what most of us see as typical tourists.
3)    Art also reminded Rotarians of the Routes Annual Gala coming up on February 26th.
4)    Bill Armstrong gave his Happy Dollars…just because someone left $5 and didn’t want change.
5)    Wayne Massey was happy to have breakfast this past week with the Eccles Clan!
6)    Randy Abel advised Rotarians of the Rockton Dinner Theater being held on March 31st – April 2nd and April 7th, 8th and 9th. Show is called “That’s a Wrap…a murder mystery”with George in a starring role. Tickets are available.
7)    Shirley attended “Guess who’s coming to dinner” in Burlington and had a great time! Shirley also acknowledged the deaths of a few prominent artists this past week including David Bowie and Glen Frey…Shirley is happy to have grown up in an era that included these great performers.
8)    Dave Carson reflected on 25 years ago as the Allies bombed Baghdad. Dave was then on assignment in Saudi Arabia. Dave remembers the urgency of getting out of the Middle East and back to Canada during a time when that part of the world was very fragile and unpredictable. 
9)    Ralph went to Baci Restaurant with his children and grandchildren to celebrate Barb's birthday…they all had a wonderful evening. He also reminded us of Friday Night Wing Night at the Dundas Airforce Club! Tickets are available $12 in advance and $15 at the door.  And, he and Barb visited the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum to see our club's donation to help the children of Queen Victoria School in Hamilton make a field trip there. Our club name and logo were clearly visible as the instructors worked through an aerodynamics lesson with the class.

Mieke announced that the Rotary Stars sponsorships are still available. Volunteers are required to approach local businesses for sponsorship.  Please contact Wayne to be assigned a list of businesses that still required approach. If you require tickets, please contact Glen. He can also be contacted for advertising opportunities. 

Guest Speaker Alan Hansell was introduced by Joe Guedes and thanked by David Carson.