Peter Dendekker welcomed us this bright, sunny and cold morning on desk duty and Mieke Ewen gave the invocation. We welcomed Elysia Armstrong, Grant's daughter, who joined her dad before heading off to her grade 6 class.
After the usual fellowship, breakfast was served. Sergeant-at-Arms, Bruce was back from Florida where he just purchased a house. Derek too returned from his holidays in the south for his first meeting at our new location at the Dundas Valley Golf and Curling Club. Mieke announced that St. Joseph's Villa received its first resident into the new 12 beds that our club helped support and has committed to for the next two years. Bob Morrow was celebrating the birth of his daughter 46 years ago; and, Grant's oldest son celebrated his 14th birthday while Grant minded the store. Randy is back at teaching and Joan is glad to get him out of the house.
George was busy distributing more Rotary Stars tickets and Ralph encouraged all members to email their friends and neighbours inviting them to our 11th annual Rotary Stars event on February 7.
Community Services director Bill Armstrong gave a report outlining that the $13 200 annual budget has spent or committed $11 325. Money has gone or will go to Dundas Community Service, Dundas Valley Secondary School, Girls Dynamo Basketball, Dr. Bob Kemp Hospice, Salvation Army, Routes, Wesley Urban Ministries, Dundas Figure Skating Club, Little Hats That Grew, and Able Sail. Bill has $1875 left in his budget.
President Bob asked members to think about what kind of monthly fellowship event would interest them. Randy suggested the Rockton Dinner Theatre in March would be a possibility and will look into acquiring tickets. Other ideas were a potluck at a member's home (one was held in December at Wayne and Helen Massey's), a wine tour or the O' Canada show in Niagara Falls.
President Bob also asked for suggestions to assist Vocational Service director Marnee Maroes in planning program. Suggestions included new member classification talks, mini classification talks from long serving members, off site visits (Peter will look into visiting his company, Aerloc Windows on Head Street) and career days at the high school.
Jessica Brennan, program coordinator, then asked members for speaker suggestions, handing out a month by month Rotary International theme calendar - September: Basic Education and Literacy, October: Economic and Community Development
December: Disease Prevention and Treatment, January: Vocational Service, February: Peace and Conflict Prevention/Resolution, March: Water and Sanitation, April: Maternal and Child Health, May: Youth Services. Jessica collected the suggestions and will accept more.