Our snowy Tuesday morning meeting saw a good turnout for Brainstorming – How to become Fearlessly Creative and have Better Ideas more Often with Dundas residents (and guests) Brandon Love and Joel Hilchey.
Jessica Brennan greeted all members with a smile and hello, Art Samson was at the door and Ernie Romain was our entertaining Sergeant-at-Arms.
Happy Dollars:
-       Grant Armstrong is happy he survived his oldest son’s 15th birthday party…the only casualty appears to be the pizza fund.
-       George Gould announced that he’s excited his son will be playing at the Winchester on Saturday, where George and his wife met. Members are invited to come out on Saturday for good music and some beers.
-       Jessica Brennan is happy her partner Lonnie Macgee will be retiring from McMaster University while her son will keep the tradition alive. He’s in first year at Mac and doing well.
-       Art Samson shared an image of the proposed condo across from the Dundas Town Hall and noted that today is the last day for an OMB appeal to the change in zoning.
-       Mieke Ewen made no bones about her love of the snow and was willing to put up the happy dollars to prove it.
-       Dave Carson is happy to be dog sitting his daughter's anthropomorphic standard poodle who likes to sit at the kitchen table like the rest of the family.
Club News
-       Dave Carson provided an update on the community garden at St. Mark’s Church. St. Mark’s has confirmed that Dundas in Transition and Dundas Valley Sunrise Rotary can continue to use the community gardens indefinitely and that there are no plans to sell this land for other uses.
Given this new development Dave proposed upgrades to the community garden which were supported unanimously by the club. These upgrades include replacing temporary wooden beds with permanent concrete blocks and building permanent deer fencing. The total cost to Dundas Valley Sunrise is anticipated at $2,500.
-       Ralph Montesanto announced that the lobster committee would be meeting January 12 at 5PM at the Dundas Museum and reporting back at future meetings.
-       Ralph also noted that there is a big push on membership from the district and he would like to rejuvenate the membership committee. A call was put out asking if anyone wants to join this committee…if so please let Ralph know.
-       Wayne Massey made an announcement that Rotary Stars is coming up on February 13th and noted that help is needed for a number of jobs. A listing of these jobs has been sent out and members are encouraged to reply with their ability to help out. Tickets are also on sale…so get them now from Glen.
-       Shirley Molloy announced that there is a Board meeting scheduled for tonight, Jan 12 at Jessica's home.
The formal program began with Bill Armstrong's introduction of Joel Hilchey and Brandon Love.