We welcomed Scott Vance from the Dundas Figure Skating Club. Scott is a guest of the club and considering joining Rotary. He was here with Bill Armstrong. Bob Morrow gave the invocation reminding everyone that this is World Understanding and Peace Week. Sergeant-at-Arms George called for happy dollars. Bob Neibert is off to OFSSA wrestling with 5 team members and then to England with his school's rugby team. Phil was happy McMaster basketball won big and the school's wrestling team did likewise. Alycia had tickets to her husband's Georgetown Rotary Club and won the door prize - a trip for two to the Myian Riviera in Mexico. Ernie survived 5 days in Timmins and will soon spend some time in Florida to warm up. Forty-eight years ago today saw Derek arrive in Canada. It was very cold that day too. Paul informed us that school bus drivers in the state of Missouri no longer need a licence to drive bus. And, Jessica invited all to attend the Routes Gala this Friday.
Following this, Jan introduced Alycia the club's youth services director.