We had 17 members attend and two guests: our Guest Speaker, Helen McLeod from the Hamilton Literacy Council and Agnes Samson, a volunteer tutor with the Council (or as George introduced her, Art Samson’s better half).

Marie-Louise Kelday greeted everyone while Glen Mumberson took  attendance. The meeting recorder was Jessica Brennan.

George Gould stepped up to the plate to pinch hit for Ernie Romain as Sergeant-at-Arms. George also filled in as tech guru helping Helen to set up her presentation. Quite the utility player (enough baseball references?), George is.

Happy Dollars: Jessica was happy that Marie-Louise had volunteered to be Greeter for the second week in a row. Jessica was doubly pleased that she was able to tag (voluntold) Harold as Greeter for next week.

Art was happy about the upcoming Routes Gala on Friday, February 26. Indeed, he was delirious: the event has been sold-out for a week and people are still eager to attend. Some of the organizers may have to use paper plates or not eat at all. 

Art was also delighted that 7 members from our Rotary Club would be attending the Routes Gala. Lovely support! 

Shirley was happy that her husband is back from his trip and can see to their grandchild getting off to school in the morning. 

Jessica Brennan introduced our Guest Speaker, Helen McLeod, whose topic was “Literacy”. After the presentation Jessica thanked Helen and wished her a “See you in September” when hopefully our Rotary Club will be volunteering once again at the Hamilton Literacy Council’s book swap for Telling Tales.