This morning's meeting was a club assembly where the board reported to the membership on operations of the club.
Recorder - Mieke Ewen, Greeter -  Marie-Louise Kelday, Desk - Grant Armstrong, Sergeant-at-Arms - Ernie Romain, Guests - David Kelday and Brandon Love
Happy Dollars
Ernie started us off, being happy about the shut out by the Leafs goalie last night and their win! He was also happy that last night a Canadian kid from Mississauga, Brent Urban, played for the Baltimore Ravens, grabbed a blocked field goal on the last play of the game and ran for the winning touchdown.  Ernie shared his Air Canada flight details and what ‘on standby’ really means!
Bruce took the podium and is glad to be back. He traveled to Las Vegas and drove to Nashville where he worked on his singing career with a little liquid courage……he behaved in Memphis, and enjoyed Graceland. Bruce visited the ‘coolest’ Bass Pro Shop and played Clint Eastwood at the store while his wife took pics. The river boat cruise was disappointing – but enjoyed New Orleans. He returned home and then moved after 28 years…..with all of his 28 years of crap. Look out at the auction next week! Dave Carson was happy to receive a memo of understanding form St. Mark’s Church, where the community garden is now able to carry on ‘forever’…….Thank you to the church members for allowing this! Carl is ready to decorate the Christmas tree on Saturday and needs helpers over 5’5” to assist.  He shared that Mary-Lou is recovering from an operation last week. Recuperation will take a few months, and we all wish her well in her recovery. Carl played a few games of golf……his golf balls visiting the water but, he enjoyed himself. Ralph shared an email from Mary Lou about her surgery and upcoming recovery. Ralph thanked David Kelday for being a ‘known arms dealer’ ha ha……. David continues to help Marie-Louise eat.
George needs to switch Meals that Heal for this Sunday, so please contact him if you are able to assist! His son will be playing at the Hard Rock Café in Toronto and George will be attending this instead.  
Jessica was looking forward to coming today, happy to have Brandon Love (not her son's friend from high school… of mistaken identity or an episode of Bewitched!) Jessica shared her Ronald McDonald House experience where she had a blast chopping carrots and potatoes!
Jessica also wanted it noted that she and Marie Louise do not share a hairdresser! Shirley went to a baby reveal on Sunday and is excited for her daughter, who is expecting a daughter of her own.  Ralph has Lobster Rib Fest tickets in time for Christmas – date for this is May 28th, 2016!

Club Assembly:
Bob Neibert – Foundation Chair – foundation month just came and went. Today is ‘giving Tuesday’, where "donationshare" is encouraged…..Bob reviewed how to donate. As a club, we have donated a total of over $10,000! 7 members who have made 2015/2016 donation. He would like to be an ‘Every Rotarian, Every year’ club. Important to have everyone behind us, no matter what the amount. The club has also donated to Polio Plus - Last year $1500…..this year $1000 so far.
Mieke Ewen – Community Service - Reviewed Committee members of Carl, Bill and Art. Focus for this year is to use large budget to assist various needs – some repeats of previous years and some new. Reviewed donations to date…..and some upcoming.
Jessica Brennan – Next week is Christmas auction…..please bring items for auction and money gathered goes to St. Matthews’s house. Remember to bring a friend, a partner and your wallets. Bruce will be the auctioneer. The following week, December 15th at 6:30 pm is the Christmas party – at the Dundas Museum. This year – the event will be free – Roger will bring in libations (Jessica will bring vibrations??) and we will have appetizers only this year – where members can contribute if they choose to. An email will go around regarding this.  The club is looking for a younger family member who could perhaps serve appetizers if they are interested. Joan is doing music for the event, until we have all had enough liquid courage to join in the sing along! Duty Roster has done well – thank you to all for appearing for duty when it is assigned! New role is the recorder……Nic is on next week. 
Ralph Montesanto – Membership and PR – There is no one in PR role currently, however Ralph is posting on First Light, Twitter and Facebook. Nic has been helping in this role as well. Ralph has sent articles to the district newsletter, Dundas Star, and social media sites. Bob Morrow also sent articles to the district newsletter and Dundas Star. For Membership – in 2012 we had a plan to have 8 members under 45 years old……would like still like an additional 2 members in this category. Another goal was to increase the number of women as well – ratio about 20/80 at present. Goal to increase classifications, which has been done as well. 42 active members currently. Letter provided to members to reach out to someone you know to invite them to the club…..trying to invite more people to attend.
Ken Beel – treasurer’s report. Available cash over $74000.  Total accruals $21000. Money left for Eco park benches. Sign at rink……Carl working on this – city will pay, getting sign ready and making changes as well. Putting some history about the partnership on how the rink came to be etc.
Bob Morrow – International – We received a banner from the Croatian Rotary club that Vlad visits. We supported that club dealing with severe flooding in its community. Challenges with getting money to orphanage in Mexico but Ken and Bob are getting through this! Still looking for a big project, but no rush - looking at a number of areas for this project and hoping for a contact in the area of the project. The Canadian government also looking to bump up funding, but the process is difficult as well. Bob was most excited about his international scotch… a good cost.
Ross – Discussed liability insurance – especially when we work with children. As president elect, Ross is looking for individuals interested in vacant positions and as vice president. Other positions include Jessica as president elect, Ross as president, Dave Carson as secretary, Wayne as treasurer, and Shirley past president and director of the foundation. Dave reminded members that Invoices will be coming for next year subscriptions…….to be paid ASAP please!