Attendance 22, Greeter - Grant Armstrong, Desk - Art Sampson, Sergeant-At-Arms - George Gould

Happy Dollars. Marie- Louise had an “Interesting and Different” evening last Friday at the Steve Roblin Fundraiser for St Joseph’s held at the Air Force Club. She managed to win the draw for a $100.00 Lottery ticket and also won one of the raffle prizes. Carl reported that Mary -Lou is recovering well from her recent surgery, this good news being met with a big round of applause. Glen reminded us that the Lobsterfest signup sheets were at each table and there are still some spots to be filled. 

Scott’s sixteen year old daughter now has her G1 licence.  Scott could become super fit walking to Rotary every Tuesday.

Glen reported that Geoff Taylor who works at Eccles Garage and is Glen’s son in law is a grandfather again. This of course makes Glen’s wife Irene really happy as they now have five great grandchildren. Glen just feels he is getting old. (And happy) Shirley’s happy dollar was for her daughter whose baby is due next week.

Mieke  enjoyed the drive here with the bright sunshine and seeing the deer along road to the golf course.

Jessica was happy that she went to the Exhibition of Photographic Art by our own Bob Morrow at St James Church where she selected a perfect piece of Bob’s art for her home.

Bill Armstrong’s dollar was in recognition of the artistic trio of Randy Abel, George Gould and Fred Amalfi who are appearing in a Theatre production in Rockton. Bill saw the play and says they should get an A.C.T.R.A. award. (You can decide yourself what the acronym stands for.)

Announcements: Ken Beel back from Florida for a week had three announcements: 1. Ken outlined a project that we have been asked to look at by the noon club .The project involves obtaining a machine made by The Bertram Co, Blasting, cleaning, painting and preserving the machine then installing the machine on a concrete pad as a centre piece at the Rotary Park on Hatt Street. Ken will report back to the Club for a decision on this once all the information is available.

2. Ecopark. This was our last major project and it is now nearing completion. Ken reported that the words and pictures for the descriptive panels have been completed by the Dundas Museum and will be mounted on pedestals ready for installation in the next few weeks. Once that is done and the benches are installed that will complete the Project. Ken asked that we consider a donation of $750.00 to the Museum for the work they did. 3. Fireworks. Meeting Wednesday 6th April at the Driving Park Office at 9.00am. with City Officials. All welcome to attend.

Dave Carson reported on the changes at the Rotary Community Garden at St Marks Church. Plan to refurbish the garden is almost complete. It will involve removing the wooden bed framing and replacing it with concrete blocks. Dave will be looking for help in the next few weeks once the date is confirmed. The concrete blocks are being donated. 

Mieke  brought us up to date with Community Services. We have reviewed 12 donation requests to date 6 have been approved and 6 are pending. Mieke presented a cheque for $2000.00 to Shirley for the Salvation Army. We received thank you letters from Routes for our $1500.00 donation and also from St Joseph’s Schizophrenia Group for our donation.

Shredding Day is April 30th. Please inform all of your contacts. Ralph texted George from Florida looking for volunteers to work a shift between 9 AM and 1 PM. Email him with you availability Routes Group Scrap and Electronics Collection is 16th April. Drop off items behind the arena on Olympic Drive. See Art if you need further details.

Today was scheduled to be a Club Assembly but time was short so President Shirley gave us something new to think about with one simple question. "Of all the people in the World past or present who would you invite to your table” Discuss it among yourselves and come up with one person and why. Being D.V.S.R. Club this was our reply in no particular order. Einstein/ Desmond Tutu/Marilyn Monroe/Justin and Sophie Trudeau/John Candy/ Malala Yousafzai/John Lennon/Winston Churchill/Warren Buffet/J.F.Keneddy/Joni Mitchell/Tom Thompson/President Obama/Jesse Owens/Jimmy Page/Mother Theresa/Peter Ustinov/Mrs. Donald Trump/Bill Gates/Alexander MacDougal/Pamela Anderson/Pope Francis/Jackie Robinson/Jimmy Buffet/Peter Drucker/Maureen Forrester/Roy Welensky/Nelson Mandela/Steve Jobs/Mick Jagger.

You can interpret this selection any way you wish though it might be better to leave it to  Marnee who is a psychologist

Here is my take. We had 22 members present on 7 tables so we should have had 7 guests but we had over 30.mGuests come from every section of society and represented a very diverse group.

Typical D.V.S.R. we break minor bureaucratic rules, we start from very different positions but as with all projects we take on or all issues we face we end up with the best possible solution.

Have a good week, see you next Tuesday