There were 21 members and 1 guest in attendance. Joe Guedes was greeter, Harold Grunenberg on desk and Ernie Romain as Sergeant-At-Arms.

Happy Dollars: Ernie was happy to be back and well after being sick last week. He must have spent all of his time last week reading up on sports trivia. We were challenged with many different trivia questions between the happy dollars and I think it surprised Ernie that between the twenty or so members present we were able to answer all of his challenges.

Art’s dollar was to remind us all of the Routes Scrap and Electronics Collection is this Saturday16th. Bring your Scrap to the Ice Rink on Olympic Drive or if you have a large amount contact Art and he will arrange for pick up. Art also drew our attention to the Jackie Robinson Story that was on T.V. last night with part two tonight. Watch it if you get chance it is an “eye opener.”

Scott was happy to be celebrating his one year anniversary as a Rotarian today. Meike was happy that Hockey Season was over if only for a few months. Everybody with children or grandchildren can relate to that. To Meike and all others involved in kid’s activities enjoy the few weeks of rest before you get right back to it again.

Wayne was happy now that his Mother in Law was finally settled in her new home. He also reminded us to bring in bottles of wine for the Lobsterfest. He will have boxes ready all Tuesday Meetings.

Steve announced that at last week’s fundraiser that he held for St Josephs raised over $3000. Well done Steve. Steve had a really happy second dollar as he was fortunate enough to have been at the Masters Golf Tournament last week. Course more beautiful than it shows on T.V. and he witnessed some fantastic golf including a hole in one and one of the most dramatic finishes to the tournament.

Glen reminded us that the sign-up sheets for both the Fireworks and the Lobsterfest were on the tables. Please sign up if you are available we still have lots of spots to be filled.

Carl gave us a story of how Lobster is prepared on the East Coast. Expecting a typical Carl story I listened intently waiting for the punch line. Unfortunately I did not write at the same time so I forgot how it is prepared. We are continuing at Lobsterfest with our traditional method.

Bill asked us to start thinking about silent auction items for the Lobsterfest. He is collecting now and has lots of space so bring in your items so that Bill can get everything organised.

Bob Morrow following Ernie on the sport scene finished the happy dollars with a little bit of fun trivia about Joe Garagiola Joe DiMaggio.

Bob also reminded all members about the Club Leadership Seminar on May 7th. He also noted that everyone had received a wooden nickel at their table today. This is part of a promotion for the Rotary District Conference on October 22/23rd in Batavia New York.

Bob then introduced our speaker today, Jane Allen who has been with Dundas Community Services since 2007 most recently as the Coordinator Senior Services and is currently the Acting Executive Director.

After hearing Jane's talk I look at everything going on at Dundas Community Services I can see the need for a strategic review and hope that the end result will be positive for all concerned.