Leo Nupolu Johnson is an experienced non-profit executive, entrepreneur, consultant human rights specialist, public speaker, and United Nations Fellow." Leo is the Chief Empowerment Officer of Empowerment Squared. He spoke through a lens of young new Canadians and how important immigration is to the development of Canada. Canada's immigration targets nearly doubled in the last decade from 237 000 annually to 500 000. Some say international students are taking away housing, but housing was an issue long before the influx of international students. A recent Leger poll indicates that immigrants to Canada are facing a crisis of confidence and 30% of young new Canadians could leave in the next two years. Leo said we need to continue to leverage immigrants to help make our country better and international students will be well trained and can help to meet the growing needs of a well trained work force. We cannot afford to lose them once they are trained.
Leo closed with the Liberian Learning Centre, the first in Liberia. Our club donated to that cause. The library is expected to officially open in December of this year.