On Tuesday, July 19 Rebecca Hicks joined us to tell us about her experiences at the RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Award) program in Fredonia NY. Rebecca is a graduate of McMaster University in history and is presently piecing together a career that consists of working with Westfield Heritage Village, the City of Hamilton and the Dundas Museum. Her work is in historical interpretation.

Rebecca gave an invigorating presentation expressing her gratitude for the opportunity to attend RYLA and for the financial support of the Dundas Sunrise Rotary Club. At RYLA there were several workshops in learning styles, trust building, public speaking, personal values and ethics and career development. Her main takeaway was a way to improve her adaptability during negotiations or interactions with other people or groups.
She shared a humorous story about the pitfalls of poor communication (check it out for yourself here). While at RYLA Rebecca made contact with several “inspiring individuals” that she will remain in contact with. We look forward to hearing more from Rebecca in the future!