Guest speaker Judy Rickey, owner of Clutter Relief Services offered the club tips and tricks for keeping the clutter at bay.
Judy, who identifies as a “professional organizer", pointed out that many people hang on to too many things for far too long. Often the items belong to their children (who have long ago moved away) and may hold sentimental value. They feel that items may be worth something someday but aren’t aware of modern ways if selling things online (e.g. Kijiji, Craigslist).
Unfortunately, excess clutter can become a fire or mould hazard. It’s attractive to rodents and insects. It can strain relationships within families and, in extreme cases, can become overwhelming and lead to anxiety and depression.
Judy gave several hints for reducing clutter: for example, one in one out; keep a donation box handy; ask yourself – do you love it, do you use it? Do you need it? If all else fails she offers her services at the website above. Her company provides free assessments.