Posted by Kathy Starodub on Jun 25, 2019
Jeremiah Brown was born in Hamilton, has family from Ancaster and attended McMaster University. He currently lives in Peterborough. He and his wife had their first child while they were attending McMaster. He might have followed a predictable path to a settled life. But what kind of story would that be?
Jeremiah was inspired by the Canadian Men’s Rowing team success in the 2008 Olympics to try and become an Olympic rower himself – in 4 years.
His entertaining and motivational talk centered around three life lessons:
  1. In order to challenge yourself to achieve a really hard goal, get an excellent coach
  2. Make a timeline to achieve the goal
  3. Remain resilient in order to survive
Jeremiah was candid about the stress and challenge of training for such a high level goal – the conflicting desires and fears, the suffering and determination.
He concluded with a breathtaking description of the final hour before the Final race. He had us all in the palm of his hand as he showed a video of the last 100 metres of that race. And we were all happy with the Silver medal that the crew achieved in London in 2012 – Mission accomplished!
His message : Never under estimate your power to mentor someone!