He is turning 83 but Paul Clifford continues to epitomize what it means to be a Rotarian! Paul visited Woodgreen Community Services in Toronto and saw first hand how an organization that provides wrap around services can help vulnerable women rise out of a poverty of hope and take on the challenge of completing an education. Through a screening process women are selected to attend one of George Brown, Seneca or Sheridan College for four years. They receive a subsidized apartment, full day free day care, school fees paid and social services to help if there is a problem. Over the four years they receive skills training, a formal education, internship and employment.
What Paul is trying to do is replicate this idea in the Hamilton area. He is spreading the message while talking to some movers and shakers in the area to determine if the concept will fly. It is not inexpensive, costing about $75 000 per year per family, but the end result for the Toronto Homeward Bound indicates a spending of $1 saves $4 in the future. Paul would like help. Contact him if you are interested at pclifford1@cogeco.ca.