Past District Governor Kevin Crosby gave a detailed presentation on the D7090 new Health and Wellness Initiative. The vision of this initiative is to have our District be a leader in Rotary by taking an active role in supporting and promoting the total health and well-being of our communities.
Kevin identified four components of healthy communities: behavior, environment, economic health, and social capital. The rationale for this District initiative is that it is basic community service; it can help attract and retain members; it promotes collaboration with other groups in the community and it is good for the public image of Rotary. This is a three year initiative (at least) which has support from the entire District leadership team. Kevin gave several examples of projects such as food banks and job training. The plan, while in its early stages, has metrics and resources.
Club members responded favourably saying this initiative aligns with many of the projects Dundas Valley Sunrise Rotary Club has undertaken over its 20 year history – the skating rink in the Driving Park, the community garden, the construction and refurbishment of Grightmire Arena, and the support of Margaret’s Place are examples. Thank you Kevin and the team for codifying these types of projects with this initiative.