Tony Cupido is Research Chair, Sustainability IDEAWORKS, at Mohawk College. Tony’s research initiatives include the development of an operational performance database for Canada’s award-winning, largest institutional, net-zero energy and zero carbon building – The Joyce Centre for Partnership and Innovation – and the creation of an industry model for sustainable operational practices. He was recently appointed to the Board of The Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC). 
In his presentation, Tony discussed the following topics in Mohawk’s “Plan to Achieve Net Zero and Challenges”:
•Energy Targets & Model
•Building Envelope Design
•Mechanical Systems
•Solar PV and Solar Thermal Systems
•Measurement & Verification
•Change in Culture

Some of the slides from his talk are re-produced below.
Here is an architect’s rendering showing where the building is located. Fennell Avenue runs from the upper left to the lower right. So the building basically faces Fennell Avenue across the street from the hospital.

Here is a photo of the building shortly after completion.

HVAC Systems Used in the building were:
•Heat Pump system –Water Cooled VRF
•Geothermal field
•Dedicated outdoor air system (DOAS)
•Solar thermal for preheating DHW
•Heat pump “Templifier” for auxillaryDHW heating
And Tony took us through each of these technologies.
Here the super structure for the solar panels is being constructed:

The project has been a great success!
Project Successes 
Process - Establishing the Energy Budget 
Technology - Integrating proven technologies with innovative high performance building envelope 
Impacts - Net Zero Targets Achievable!
•Net Zero Energy
•Net Zero Carbon