Bill Armstrong introduced our Guest Speaker, Bob Knuckle. In addition to being the current Chair of the Dundas Little Theatre, Bob has authored 11 books of true crime stories. It was in this capacity that Bill as an RCMP officer and Bob had met. Bob has also written and produced 15 plays. For today’s talk Bob gave us an outline of the history of the Dundas Little Theatre and described an upcoming special event. Dundas Little Theatre first began showing its productions at a local high school in 1960. Eventually an opportunity presented itself in using the old swimming pool site for a theatre. Along with raising over $350,000 in 1978 and having the architect Trevor Garwood-Jones volunteer design, Dundas Little Theatre opened in its new setting in 1980 with a play from Somerset Maugham. 

The upcoming special event will be on Saturday June 11th. Called Scenes and Songs there will be snippets of great plays and showtunes. Gary Smith, The Hamilton Spectator’s theatre critic will be the emceeing the show, taking everyone through the history of theatre. In the question and answer period following Bob’s presentation, Bruce essentially gave a testimonial to Bob’s crime writing, saying that he had read one of his books and simply could not put it down. Bob revealed that he loved the research and interviewing for the books, finding the actual writing a bit lonely. 

Bill thanked Bob for his presentation. Bill noted that although the Scenes and Songs  show is almost completely sold out, if anyone wants a ticket please contact Bill and he will try to make it happen.