Jane Allen, acting executive director, Dundas Community Services told us first of all that we would be seeing some changes as the organisation moves forward. The funding for all programs comes from the LHIN, the United Way, The City of Hamilton, Service Clubs, Individual Donors and through a Theatre Program. The organisation has twelve Board Members and a staff of four. They have recently been going through Strategic Planning sessions to review all of their programs.

Jane outlined many of their current programs Food Donation/Food Box/Legal Aid/Snow Shovelling/Caregiver Support/Friendly Calling/Senior Visiting. Jane went into more detail on some programs like Meals on wheels. This program runs Monday to Friday and delivers meals made at Wentworth Lodge to seniors using volunteer drivers. A similar program takes people shopping to Metro for groceries,while another takes people to their appointments. Another is to help seniors that are confined to their home by having volunteers visit once a week. And still another is the Friendly Calling program which involves calling seniors once a week. There are currently fifty two people using this service.

The Office is also a centre where people go for advice on almost any topic. Many things we do in our daily lives can be a challenge and very stressful for many members in our community and often this is their first stop when looking for help.

This office also has a Tourism Outlet and carries information on all kinds of activities for all of Ontario.

Whether you are looking for information on Trips, Health Care, Long Term Care, Group Homes, it seems that you can find it here. As if this were not enough Jane outlined further needs for expansion of existing programs and the demands for additional programs for youth and other counselling services.

There were many questions at the end of the presentation relating to the programs and the organisation.

One of our members remembered when this initiative first started at St James Church and congratulated all concerned that the acorn was now a strong tree.