Dr. Samantha Winemaker is a palliative care physician who cares for patients with serious illnesses and their families in the home. She actively helps people Hope for the Best and Plan for the Rest. She talked about the illness journey and the Waiting Room Revolution. She asked, "Are you a person who is in the dark or one who is in the know?"
She outlined seven keys for navigating a life changing illness:
Walk 2 Roads - hope for the best and plan for the rest.
Zoom Out - understand the big picture.
Know Your Style - Select how you cope and face challenges.
Expect the Ripple Effects - prepare for family's parallel journey.
Connect the Dots - play central role in managing the system
Invite Yourself - initiate conversations about what to expect and learn to be respectfully assertive.
Dr. Sammy put this information into a book entitled, "Hope For The Best Plan For The Rest", which she co-authored with Dr. Hsien Seow. Club members Cynthia Hastings-James receives a personalized copy of the book.
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