What a great life story. Derek Price started his classification talk with his birth in Wolverhampton, England during a WWII air raid. He first saw his father, who was in the air force, 4.5 years later. He, his younger sister, mother and father were a close knit family after the war and managed just fine during the post war rationing years. After taking his 11+ exams he was one of 3 out of a class of 46 who passed into the higher education stream eventually being hired by a large corporation that sent him off to school to become an engineer. After two years with Rolls Royce he decided to take his engineer ticket to go to sea but decided the tramp steamers he was offered were not what he wanted. However, he longed to travel the world.
After interviewing with a jobs placement agency he was offered positions in Rhodesia, Tasmania and Canada. He choose Westinghouse in Canada. Arriving in February he thought he was at the North Pole! Luckily things warmed up, he met Ann and they were married, eventually adopting a boy and girl.
After qualifying in Canada in the area of fluid dynamics he continued with Westinghouse until 1974 when he moved to Fischer-Ludlow in Burlington working his way up to company president. Derek travelled the world as president selling the company's catwalks and other steel wares in Turkey, Kuwait, and other middle east countries, each with a very different way of doing business. His interest in travel continues during his retirement and he and Ann are often in another land.
Derek's passion for soccer drew him to Dundas to play and eventually to live. He joined the Dundas Valley Sunrise Rotary Club 10 years ago, believes it is a unique club and that its members give hope to folks in need.