On May 15 our guest speaker was Dr. Tapas Mondal, McMaster University talked about the International Project on CPR – McMaster Global CPR Project 

Dr. Mondal visits India and does community presentations on CPR; heart disease is the leading killer world wide. The demonstrations for lay people to show hem how to do CPR. He has some mannequins’ but needs many more. He mentioned some of the challenges’ in India and other countries around cultural sensitivities - i.e. women are at a great disadvantage because people may not want to give them CPR. Dr. Mondal has a cross appointment with McMaster Engineering. They have modified mannequins equipping them with sensors and have been able to supply some to medical schools in India. 

He is looking for funding to send over hundreds of demonstrational mannequins to India and potentially Africa. He has also made training videos on CPR in English, Bengali, Mandarin, Nigerian and Arabic. Heart disease is becoming rampant in India and China due to the change in diet to include a lot of junk/snack food.